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OCD Online: Imaging

Administrative/Environmental Order Search

Please specify the information you know in the search form below and then click the "Search" button.

Specific Information If you know the Order Number, please input that number below and click "Search".

Enter Administrative/Environmental Order Number/Amendment:

Order Type:
Order Number/ Amendment: /   (example: NSL1234)


Application Information If you know the specific application Id (p#), please input that Id below and click "Search".

Enter Application Id:

  (example: pKRV0123456629)


Alternative Search If you do not know the Order Number please input the known Administrative/Environmental information below and click "Search".

General Information

Order Type:
Order Date: (example: 12/01/2002)

Facility Information

These two fields apply only to Environmental Orders.

Facility Type:
Facility Name:

Location Information

This option returns the few Administrative Orders for which locations have been attached: generally these are recent orders related to specific wells or facilities.

Unit Letter:

Well Information

API Number: 30-0 -   (example: 30-045-01234)
Operator Name:
Pool Name:

Text Search

Search String:

Examples of searches:

By default, when no operator (AND or OR) is specified between words, AND is assumed.

Operator Example - Finds documents containing...
Horizontal Fruitland - the word Horizontal and the word Fruitland
Horizontal OR Fruitland - either the word Horizontal or the word Fruitland
Horizontal OR Fruitland AND Drilling - the word Drilling and either Horizontal or Fruitland
"Horizontal Fruitland" - the exact phrase Horizontal Fruitland
Horizontal -Fruitland - the word Horizontal but NOT the word Fruitland. (Single -not query is not allowed)
Fruit* - words beginning with Fruit such as Fruitland and Fruittree
*land - words ending with land such as Fruitland, Wetland
*land* - words containing land such as Fruitlands, Wetlands